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Create, sign and delete session records
Create, sign and delete session records

Session and participant records allow you to easily and appropriately capture information when working with groups or whānau

Written by Rachel Henare
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Once a group and group session have been created you can add a session record and individual participant records.

Creating a session record

Session records will populate the records list of all participants of a session. To create a session record:

  1. Create a new session or navigate to the session you want to create a record on and click Edit session

  2. Select Record and provide a record title

  3. Add a form to the record

  4. Enter information relevant to the session and all participants

  5. Click Save and review when you are finished

Tip: Only workers marked as attending the session can create a session record. If you are unable to create a new record, check that you are added as a worker and marked as attending.

Note: Group and Whānau forms currently provide simple text boxes. Please get in touch if you would like customised forms for when you work with groups or whānau.

Creating an individual participant record

Noted’s Groups and Whānau features also allow you to create participant or member records, appropriately recording information relevant to only one client in the session. A participant record will only populate the specified client’s list of records. No other participants of the session will have this record included within their session record.

  1. Finish with the session record (above) and click Save and review

  2. On the left, select Create participant record and select the relevant participant

  3. Enter a title for the participant record and provide the necessary information under Notes

  4. When finished click Save and review

Signing participant records, session records and sessions

Signing participant and session records indicates that they are complete. Any individual participant records created against a session must be signed before you can sign the session record. Likewise, you must sign the session record before you can sign a session.

Creating an addendum

If a session or participant record has been signed, but you find there is more information to add, you can create an addendum.

  1. Navigate to the relevant record you wish to add an addendum to

  2. Click Addendum and enter a title

  3. Fill out the description then click Save addendum when finished

Once saved, the addendum will be displayed at the bottom of the record.

Deleting records and sessions

Similar to the above, related participant records must be deleted before you can delete a session record. To delete a session the session record must be deleted first.

  1. Navigate to the record you wish to remove permanently

  2. Click the button with three dots and select Delete record then confirm

Note: Not all users have the ability to delete information. If you cannot delete information, discuss this with your administrator.

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