To save time and ensure student details are up to date, you can link your Noted account with your school’s KAMAR system using directory services. Read on to learn how.

Contact us for credentials

So we can provide you with the necessary credentials, contact us through and mention that you are wanting to set up the KAMAR directory services integration for your school.

Setting up KAMAR

This will need to be done by your KAMAR Admin.

  1. Log into KAMAR and go to: Setup ⇒ Server

2. Go to Directory Services then click New Service

The default section for the service information looks like this:

3. Enter “Noted” for the service name

4. You will need to enter the details as supplied by Noted for this service.

• Address:

• Port: 443 (Use SSL)

• Format: XML

• The Username and Password created for your school

5. Press Check and Enable at the top to verify your connection is working.

KAMAR will report the result of your connection. If successful, tick the data you want to send (Students ⇒ Details) and you can then press the 'Send Full Update' button to complete your first full sync of all students to Noted.

Note: The update process is run on the server and may take a while to complete before you see anything happening.

If this sync is successful, you are done. All of your students will now be available as clients in Noted and their details will be regularly updated (nightly and whenever certain changes are made in KAMAR).

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