Noted provides a tailored solution to recording client information and tracking the progress of your service. We strive to ensure that Noted is reflective and relevant to the way you work.

Customised content

Some parts of Noted can only be updated by the Noted team. Some forms and tools can be customised for your organisation while others have broader implications and may need to be discussed before making changes.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team through with any suggestions, requests or feedback on content in Noted.

Issue forms

The formsets used to create client records are developed alongside experienced practitioners in the relevant field.

The more feedback and suggestions we receive from practitioners the more accurate these formsets can become in supporting you in your work.

Some Formsets are used by multiple organisations and any changes to these issue forms will impact all users assigned to that formset. For this reason, we consider the implications of suggested changes for the wider community of users and whether this reflects how they work beyond just one user's personalised workflow before implementing.

Tracking forms

If you are wanting to track and report on discrete client measures or information outside of records, Noted’s Tracking forms are designed just for this!

Some default measures are provided upon sign-up, but we also have a wide variety of Tracking forms for a range of service providers.

Get in touch with Noted directly via to discuss your requirements.

Additional information

For most organisations there is specific client information you need when you first start seeing a client. Traditionally this information would be provided using an onboarding form at the client’s first appointment. Using Noted’s Invite client you can save time by having the client provide this information before they arrive.

We can also create a customised Additional information form for your organisation, at no charge, to ensure you are gathering relevant information on your clients when they first start to receive your service.

Contact us at to discuss creating your custom Additional information form.

Incoming referrals

Record the channels which clients come to your service from with Referrers. This can be customised to reflect your standard channels for incoming clients and can be as simple as a dropdown menu.

Referrers are recorded when adding a new client or editing an existing client and can be included in the output of a generated report using Noted’s Reports tool.

Email to ask about customising your Referrers form and ensuring this tool is relevant to you and your team.

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