Tracking forms are designed to help you record discrete client information and track a client’s progress over time. Tracking forms can be reported on using Reports.

Tracking forms are recorded separately from client records so that you can easily view a client’s progress on a specific measure over time. You can access your tracking forms from the client’s records screen. Click on the Records dropdown menu below the client’s name and scroll through to the bottom of the list to see your tracking form options.

Different service providers will use tracking forms for different measures, depending on the work they do with their clients. Dietitians use weight and BMI tracking forms, while Mental Health workers track their client’s risk-level and mental health assessments. Budget advisors can track weekly household expenses while dementia carers measure acuity and engagement.

You are always able to access historic entries and track the progress of your client, all historic entries will be visible down the page and the most recent update/entry will be displayed at the top.

To meet the needs of our broad range of Noted users, we have an extensive library of tracking forms that might be relevant to you and how you work. Contact us at to find out if we have an existing tracking form that may suit your needs.

If there isn’t yet a form for you, we are happy to discuss creating a tracking form for your organisation.

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