Adding and inviting a new client
How to create a new client within Noted
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New clients can be added within Noted or invited to add themselves.

Adding a new client by yourself

  1. Log in to Noted or navigate to the Dashboard in Client records using the Switcher in the top left-corner of your window

  2. Click Add client

  3. Fill in the client’s details in the form provided

  4. The form includes custom-developed additional information, the client’s medical history, and any medications your new client is currently receiving

  5. Click Finish to save the information

Tip: You can customise which fields are compulsory information.

Inviting a client

Invite a client to add their own information before their first appointment and save time. This can be especially useful if you ask your clients a lot of questions about themselves on their first visit.

  1. Log in to Noted or navigate to the Dashboard in Client records using the Switcher

  2. Click Invite client

  3. Enter their name and email address

  4. If required, customise the content of the email

  5. Click Invite client

Your client will be emailed a link which will enable them to fill out their registration form. This will include your organisation’s default or customised Additional information form.

Note: Inviting a client creates a new client in Noted. If the client has already been added to your organisation, avoid duplication by simply searching for them from the Dashboard.

Tip: We are happy to provide a customised additional information form for your organisation. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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