Editing an existing record

  1. Find the record you wish to edit in the relevant client’s records list

  2. Select Edit and enter the changes required

  3. Click Save and review when finished

Signing a record

Signing a record confirms that it is, to the best of your knowledge, complete.

  1. Find the record you wish to sign

  2. Click Sign then Confirm

Signing a record removes the ability to edit. You can, if necessary, create an Addendum.

Note: All unsigned records will appear in your Noted dashboard every time you log into the Noted App.

Creating an addendum

If a record has been signed, but you have information to add to the record you can create an addendum.

  1. Navigate to the relevant client record you wish to add an addendum to

  2. Click Addendum and enter a title

  3. Fill out the description then click Save addendum when finished

  4. Once saved, the addendum will be displayed at the bottom of the record.

Deleting a record

  1. Find the record you wish to delete in the relevant client’s records list

  2. Open the actions menu of the record by clicking on the button with three dots

  3. Select Delete record and Confirm

Note: Not all users have the ability to delete information. This feature can be found in Administration under Users then Details. Check with your administrator if you can’t access the delete function.

Amending another worker’s records

If you need to edit or sign another worker’s records you can do this. This article outlines how to use record amendment within Noted.

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