Images, documents, and other digital files can be securely uploaded to individual clients within Noted.

To add documents to a client

  1. Search for or add the client related to the document you are uploading

  2. From the Records dropdown menu above the client’s list of records select Documents

  3. Either drag and drop files into the Add documents panel or click Add file

  4. Create folders to organise files by selecting Add folder

Tip: You can rename files and folders by right-clicking on these and selecting Rename from the options displayed.

To add documents to a client’s record

  1. When editing or creating a client record either drag and drop files into the Add documents panel at the bottom of the record or click Add file

  2. Click Save and review when finished

Tip: Documents uploaded to records can still be accessed the same way as other clients, by selecting Documents from the Records dropdown menu.

Organising client documents

You can drag and drop files and folders as required to arrange and organise these. Files uploaded to specific records can not be moved to different folders.

Deleting documents and folders

  1. Right-click on the document or folder you wish to delete

  2. Select Delete and Confirm

Note: Not all users have the ability to delete information. Check with your administrator if you cannot access the delete function.

Annotating images

Uploaded images can be annotated with Noted. You can draw as well as make brief text notes on images uploaded to a client record or to a client’s documents.

  1. Navigate to the image you wish to annotate or upload it to Noted

  2. Double-click on the image to load a preview of the image

  3. Select Annotate image and select whether you are adding a Text note or would like to Draw

  4. Make changes as required then click Save & exit editing when finished.

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