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Quickly and easily create and submit invoices to ACC within Noted

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With Noted’s ACC billing feature you can compile invoices with multiple services and send this directly to ACC for payment without logging in to another system. Learn how to set up ACC billing for your organisation here.

You can find ACC billing when logged in to Noted. Simply click on the Switcher in the top-left corner of your screen and select ACC billing.

Note: This feature is for registered ACC providers in New Zealand.

Creating billable services

You can create billable services from records or manually.

Create services from records

  1. Create a record for treatment that is covered by an ACC45 claim

  2. Toggle on ACC treatment and enter the required ACC details

  3. Enter a record as you would normally using an issue form

  4. Provide a duration and, once the record is complete, sign the record

  5. Navigate to ACC billing to find this service listed under Unbilled services

Tip: When you follow up on the previous record you will find that the ACC details are pulled through and the treatment number has increased automatically.

Note: You cannot add ACC details to a previously created and signed record

Manually creating services

  1. Navigate to ACC billing via the Switcher and select Create a service

  2. Enter the required details and click Save service when complete

Creating an invoice

  1. Navigate to ACC billing and your list of Unbilled services

  2. Select the services you wish to invoice and click Invoice selected services

  3. You have now created a draft invoice. You can save to submit later, add an invoice comment or manually add a service

  4. If you are satisfied that the invoice is complete, check ACC invoice is complete then click Save and submit to ACC.

All client records must be signed before an invoice can be created. This is not applicable for a manual service entry.

Tip: You can add more than one service to an invoice.

Deleting drafts

Draft invoices can be deleted and the services included returned back to the Unbilled services list.

  1. Navigate to ACC billing and your Draft invoices

  2. Select the draft you wish to delete

  3. Click Delete and confirm

Reinvoicing billed services

You can re-submit services by Reinvoicing them from their original invoice.

  1. Within ACC billing, navigate to your Submitted invoices and select the invoice you wish to change

  2. Select the service you wish to reinvoice and click Modify items

  3. Click Reinvoice items and confirm

  4. A new invoice will be created including these services

Invalidating billed services

  1. Within ACC billing, navigate to your Submitted invoices and select the invoice you wish to change

  2. Select the service you wish to invalidate and click Modify items

  3. Click Invalidate items and confirm

Note: Invalidating a service is irreversible. If you would like to resubmit the service to ACC, use the Reinvoice items option.

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