Welcome to Noted, a client management solution for health and social service providers.

Purpose of Noted

Noted is designed and built for you, the service provider. Whether you’re from a single practitioner health clinic or a national social service provider, Noted offers a tailored solution that reflects how you work to support and improve your clients’ wellbeing. 

Support and assistance

User support is crucial to us here at Noted. If at any point you can’t find what you’re looking for in our help and support site, get in touch and we will walk you through any questions or troubles you may be having with Noted.

Formsets, features and functionality

Formsets are a collection of context-specific forms used when creating new client records. We have collaborated with experienced practitioners to break down your client record from a block of text into more quantitative information.

When you sign up for a trial or create a new user in Noted you are asked to select a formset. These can be changed at any point via Administration if you feel your current formset is not relevant to how you work.

Note: If you cannot find a listed formset reflective of the work you or your team do, we are more than happy to discuss this and look at developing a formset with you.

Whether you are an ACC service provider, work with groups of clients or require regular reporting for funding purposes, Noted offers features to enable a smooth experience within one system.

Working better together

With the ability to provide different formsets for different users within an organisation, Noted allows multi-disciplinary teams to work better together.

Teams allow users to safely share confidential records with relevant team members.

Roles provide specified users access to the features they need while reducing clutter for those that don’t.

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