Upgrading from a trial

Continuing your use of Noted is quick and straightforward. If you haven’t already, here’s how to upgrade your account.

  1. Log in to Noted and navigate to Administration through the Switcher

  2. Click the Upgrade account banner along the top of the page

  3. Select the plan which best suits your organisation.

  4. You will be provided with a summary of how much this will cost each month, based on the number of users you currently have. Select any addons you wish to enable on your account. Click Confirm to continue.

  5. Enter your billing details then click Submit

  6. Enter your card details and click Subscribe now

Congratulations, you’ve just signed up to Noted! Your first invoice will be emailed to you, followed by all subsequent invoices.

Customising Noted for your organisation

By configuring your organisation and client information settings Noted can better reflect how you work. Customise your Noted set-up by navigating to Administration via the Switcher.

Organisation settings

Your organisation’s details, accessible features and ACC settings (for New Zealand users only) can be updated under your Organisation settings, under Administration. Read more about this here.

Client information settings

Configure your client information settings to best suit you and your team.

  • Customise which information is presented on your client overview screen

  • Define what information is required when adding adding a new client

  • Create your own client tags and record categories

  • Customise letter templates and your client invitation email

Update these settings in Administration, under Client.

Learn more about how to make these changes here.

Removing trial records and clients

During your trial you may have entered some mock clients and/or false records. You can tidy these up by deleting the records and removing any unneeded test clients. .

Note: Many users like to retain one fake client for testing different features after their trial. This can also be useful to try out new features once they’re released.

Changing your subscription

If you are changing your plan in order to access other features, or updating your payment method, you can modify your subscription details at any time under Subscription.

Read more about how to do this here.

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