Managing the Availability screen

Easily update the availability of resources

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The availability screen shows workers’ regular working hours and when spaces are available or unavailable.

The availability screen can be viewed by Workers or Spaces. Clicking on either of these in the top-left corner will display availability for that resource.

The third button next to Spaces is the filter button. This is used to customise what is displayed on the Availability screen and in which order.

  • Tick or untick resources in the list to include or remove them from view

  • Click and drag to assort resources top-to-bottom in the order you would like to see them from left-to-right

Note: You must have at least one resource ticked.

To change the date you’re viewing on the Availability screen, use the arrows listed on either side of the date, or click on a number from the month calendar view on the right-hand side. To navigate back to today’s date, click Today.

Tip: You can zoom in and out by using the magnifying glass buttons at the top of the Availability view. Minimise the left-hand sidebar to increase the calendar size.

For an overview of how to manage your availability, check out the video below:

How to add resource availability

Default working hours for a user will appear as a start and end time in a white box. When a time-slot is marked Available, it will appear in blue. When a time-slot is marked Unavailable it will appear in grey.

This is the same for the Spaces view: default times will appear in white, Available in blue, and Unavailable in grey.

Note: All the changes made will be reflected in the Booking view.

  1. Select either Workers or Spaces in the top-left corner

  2. Select the time-slot you wish to update or click and drag to select multiple days

  3. Select Available in the right hand side bar and adjust the start and end time as required

  4. To then set this time as being Unavailable select this option after adjusting the start and end time

  5. Add any further notes such as Sick-leave or Annual-leave then click Add to save

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