The Clients list provides the opportunity to access a full list of your organisation's clients and create custom search lists that meet specific criteria. You can keep saved client searches private or share them with everyone in your organisation. From these lists you can easily navigate to a client’s records and information.

Creating a custom search

A custom search can be used to generate a list of clients who meet specific criteria. You can add multiple filters to a search including Age, Gender, Key worker, and more.

  1. Navigate to Client records via the Switcher then select Clients from the menu

  2. Click + Add custom search and enter a title

  3. Add one or more filters, entering criteria as you go

  4. Tick whether you would like to have inactive clients included in your search

  5. Click Finish to generate your custom list of clients

Note: Any client list you create will be set to private by default.

Note: Relevant data needs to be stored on your clients correctly to ensure they are included in the generated search results. You can set what client information is compulsory for your organisation in Administration. Learn about setting your Required fields here.

Managing your Client Searches

Any custom client search you save can be edited, duplicated or shared. Simply click the three dots to the right of the custom search’s title to complete any of these actions.

A custom client search you create will automatically be listed under my private searches. They will not be visible to anyone else in your organisation. To create a list that the rest of your team can edit and access, share your private search.

To share a private client list with your wider organisation

  1. Create a new custom search or find the existing private search you wish to share with other users.

  2. Hover over this list and click the three dots to the right of the list’s title

  3. Select Share from the menu

You can also switch a shared custom client search back to a private search.

To do this:

  1. Hover over the list you wish to make private and click the three dots to the right of the lists’s title

  2. Select Stop sharing

  3. Click Stop sharing search from the pop up

Note: Noted allows you to privatise any shared custom searches, even those created by other users. Doing this will assign the search to the creator of the list’s saved private searches. To ensure you don’t accidentally prevent yourself from having access to a list you still require, you will be prompted with a pop up that outlines the impact of this change.

Tip: Duplicate a shared custom client search before making it private or before editing to ensure the shared custom client search is not altered unintentionally.

Getting the most out of your list of clients

Whether using the default list of All clients or one of your custom search lists you can quickly export these, including some client information, such as email addresses and demographics.

Under Actions you will find you can bring up a client’s overview as well as open their records screen in a new tab.

Clicking the Export clients button will generate a .csv file containing the clients listed along with the information you specify.

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