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PRIMHD reporting
How to set up and enable PRIMHD reporting
How to set up and enable PRIMHD reporting

Noted’s PRIMHD reporting tool removes the hassle and effort of submitting your PRIMHD information to the Ministry of Health

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Noted integrates with the Ministry of Health’s PRIMHD portal to provide automated PRIMHD reporting that saves time and keeps this process simple. 

Note: This feature is for registered PRIMHD approved organisations in New Zealand.

Setting up your organisation to use PRIMHD 

Navigate to Administration using the Switcher and select Organisation from the menu. You will see PRIMHD settings as an option in the sub-menu.

  1. Enter your organisation information and credentials found in your mapping document provided by the Ministry of Health. This includes:

  2. Organisation name

  3. Organisation ID

  4. Organisation folder

  5. Once complete click Save

  6. Enter your team information including Team Code

  7. Check off the referral codes that your organisation can use. This ensures that your users only have access to codes that your organisation is approved to report on

Select PRIMHD Record Types 

To keep things simple for your team and reduce clutter, select which record types are relevant to your organisation. There are four possible record types, but most organisations only use one or two:

  • Activity

  • Consumer

  • Collection

  • Classification

Once you have marked the relevant types, click Save

Note: You can return to your PRIMHD settings and update this information at any time. 

Your organisation is now set up and ready to start recording and submitting PRIMHD information directly to the Ministry of Health from within Noted! 

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