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Save time and effort with Noted’s easy to use PRIMHD reporting tool

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Noted integrates with the Ministry of Health’s PRIMHD portal to provide automated PRIMHD reporting that saves time and keeps this process simple. 

Note: This feature is for registered PRIMHD approved organisations in New Zealand.

Creating a PRIMHD referral

Before you can start creating PRIMHD records for new clients you must record their referral into your service. 

  1. Search for or Add the client and navigate to their records screen

  2. From the Records dropdown menu above the client’s list of records select PRIMHD referrals

  3. Click Create referral, add the necessary details then click Save when finished

Tip: The referral codes available can be updated in Administration

Note: End date is only filled in when the client is discharged from your service. 

When a client stops receiving service

When the time comes for a client to stop receiving your service, you need to record their outgoing referral code in the same way you recorded the incoming referral.

  1. Search for the client and navigate to their record’s screen

  2. From the Records dropdown menu above the client’s list of records select PRIMHD referrals

  3. Click Edit on the top-right of the previously entered referral form. The information originally entered will be included in your new entry

  4. Leave the pre-populated information and enter the end date (when your client finished receiving your service) and select the appropriate outgoing referral code

  5. Click Save when finished

Updating referral for return to service

If a discharged client returns to receive your service in the future, you can create a new PRIMHD referral for them in the same way as above. Click Create referral, enter the necessary details and click Save when finished. 

Creating PRIMHD records

A new client record requires specific details before being ready for submission to PRIMHD.

There are a total of four PRIMHD record types, each with different information required. The fields presented when you select a record type all need to have information entered unless indicated otherwise. 

  1. Create a new record or edit an existing record that hasn’t yet been signed

  2. Toggle on PRIMHD, then enter the required information using the provided dropdown menus and text fields

  3. Fill in your client record as usual

  4. When finished click Save and review

  5. If you are satisfied that the record is complete, sign the record by clicking Sign

Note: If the PRIMHD details are not complete you will not be able to sign the record

Once completed and signed, PRIMHD records will populate a Pending list within PRIMHD reporting, outlined below.

PRIMHD reporting area of Noted

Submitting PRIMHD reports to the Ministry of Health is done directly between Noted and it’s PRIMHD portal. Once created and completed, records are compiled in a pending list of records which is automatically submitted on the 19th of each month. 

Once submitted to the Ministry of Health these are then moved to Reports under review. Upon confirmation, sent directly from the Ministry of Health, these records are then moved to Completed records

To view your PRIMHD reports, including pending records, reports under review, returned reports and completed reports, open the Switcher and select PRIMHD from the options.

Pending section 

The Pending section of PRIMHD reporting includes signed records that are due to be submitted directly to the Ministry of Health. 

All pending records are submitted automatically on the 19th of each month. You can also manually submit records at any time.

  1. Tick which records you would like to submit

  2. Click Submit

  3. Successfully submitted records awaiting confirmation from the Ministry of Health are found in the Under review section

Under review section

Submitted reports are listed in Under review until the Ministry of Health returns an acknowledgement for these. 

Returned section

Once an acknowledgement is received from the Ministry of Health the records move to the Returned list. 

If there are errors in the record that need to be amended these will be indicated. Information can be updated and each error marked as fixed before the record is returned to the Pending list. 

If all information is deemed correct this will be indicated and you can mark these as complete to have them transferred to your list of Complete PRIMHD reports.

Complete section

All completed reports can be found here when necessary.

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