Administrators can create and edit client tags to ensure they are relevant to your organisation and how you want to use this tool. To simplify your workers’ Noted experience, tags can be made available and visible to specific teams.

To create a client tag:

  1. Navigate to Administration via the Switcher and select Client from the menu

  2. You will be presented with a list of current client tags. Select Create client tag

  3. Enter the name of the tag and a brief description

  4. If required, select which team(s) should access this tag

  5. Click Save client tag to confirm

Tip: Click on an existing tag to edit or disable it.

How to update a client’s tags:

  1. Navigate to the client you wish to edit/tag and click Edit Client

  2. Select Tags from the options on the left

  3. Add or remove the relevant tag(s) for the client

  4. Click Finish to save your changes

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