Client status changes can be tracked over time and are very important if your organisation needs to report on why clients disengaged from your service.

Creating a status change reason

  1. Navigate to Administration via the Switcher and select Client from the menu

  2. Click Status changes on the left to bring up a list of current status changes. Select Create status change

  3. Enter the title of the status change and select whether this is an Active or Inactive status change

  4. Click Save status change to confirm

The type of reason limits when it is available. If a client is changed from Active to Inactive, only the reasons with type Inactive will be available to select.

Tip: Click on an existing status change to edit or disable it.

Note: It is always recommended to change the status of a client to inactive rather than deleting them from your organisation, there may be instances where you need to access their record history or the client may come back into your organisation's services in future.

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