You can preset customised details for use with Noted’s letter writing tool. Learn more about letter writing here.

  1. Navigate to Administration via the Switcher and select Client from the menu

  2. Click Letters on the left

  3. Create a letter template by selecting Create content template

  4. Add a Name and Description for the template

  5. Start writing your template in the Editor section

  6. Create headings by clicking the + symbol or highlighting text

  7. You can add numbered or bullet point lists with the + symbol as well

  8. Click Save template when you’re done

Next, you can enter your sender and signature details as required then click Save. Your sender details will be your organisation’s name and address, whereas the signature will be personal to you.

You can also upload an organisation logo by choosing a file then clicking Save. This will appear as a header for all letters created within Noted.

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