Clients can be linked together using relationships. You can create your own customised relationship types if you want to record relationships outside of a client’s immediate family.

Adding relationships to a client

You can add relationships when creating a new client or by editing an existing client.

  1. Navigate to Relationships

  2. Either link the client to another client already entered in Noted or add a new client

  3. Indicate the relationship and add notes as required

  4. Click Link to client and then Finish when complete

Adding and editing relationship types

The default relationship types available in Noted are

  • Father

  • Mother

  • Wife

  • Husband

  • Partner

  • Brother

  • Sister

  • Son

  • Daughter

  • Extended Family

If you find the default list of relationship types are not reflective of your clients, you can create custom relationship types as well as edit or disable existing types in Administration.

  1. Navigate to Administration via the Switcher and select Client from the menu

  2. Click Relationship types on the left to bring up a list of existing relationship types

  3. Select Create relationship type

  4. Enter the name of the relationship type and click Save relationship type to confirm

Tip: Click on an existing relationship type to edit or disable it

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