Noted offers you the opportunity to dive in deep with your data and report on your clients with tools designed to assist you in gaining insight. Learn more about how to access and use your Noted data here.

From data to knowledge

While your raw data may not be particularly useful, it can be manipulated and transformed into visual representations of information using processing software eg: Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets etc.

At present, Noted does not provide graphing or charting tools beyond what you will find under Insights. We do this to ensure you have full and open access to your raw data for you to use as you wish. This way you can work with the information that is relevant to you and meet the reporting requirements of the specific service you provide.

Opening your data outside Noted

Noted data is exported from Reports or Clients in .csv file format. The most common applications to use for viewing and using these files is Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. You can also open your Noted data in Google Sheets online. All of these applications provide easy to use graph building tools.

Note: Not all users have the ability to export data from Noted. If you cannot run a report, discuss this with your organisation administrator.

Graph building tools

Each data processing application (Google, Apple and Microsoft) works differently, but they all provide useful tools for creating the graphs you need.

If you don’t know how or don’t feel comfortable building graphs, the software provides useful step by step guides to help you learn.

Another great resource for learning how to create graphs and charts is YouTube. If you know what sort of graph or chart you are wanting to build you can search for “how to” videos on this specifically and find hundreds of videos that clearly outline the steps required to build the graph you need.

Tip: When searching YouTube include the name of the software you’re using (e.g. Excel).

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