Noted’s whānau feature allows you to record information on whānau sessions with one or more workers. Session records are included in each whānau member’s records list.

Please note: Whānau is currently only available for specific organisations working with Noted to help refine this tool before we release this to our wider user-base. If you would like to discuss this new tool, please contact us.

Creating a whānau

  1. Navigate to Client records via the Switcher and then select Whānau from the menu

  2. Click + Add whānau, provide details on the whānau, add the relevant clients and indicate which of those members is the primary contact before clicking Continue

Creating a session

  1. Search for or add the whānau you wish to create a session for

  2. Select Continue to sessions

  3. Click Session, enter the relevant details and mark attendance

  4. If required you can add further clients and workers

  5. Click Save and review or start a session record

Note: In order to create a session or member record, you must be added to a session and marked as attending.

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