Editing and deleting a client

Change a client’s details and permanently remove them from Noted

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Updating a client’s details

  1. Search for and select the client you wish to edit

  2. At the bottom of the client’s overview select Edit client

  3. Edit the relevant fields and select Finish when complete

Further actions

As well as updating the client’s details, when you select Edit client you can:

  • Send an invitation email for the client to provide their own details

  • Print out the client’s information (not their records)

  • Permanently remove them from your account

Note: Other than updating a client’s status, you can do the above actions by selecting the Actions button with three dots found in the bottom-right of the edit client page.

Notes on deleting clients

  • Once a client has been deleted their information cannot be recovered. Consider changing a client’s status to inactive instead of deleting the client.

  • You will not be able to delete clients that have signed records. Signed records will need to be removed one at a time before you can delete the client.

  • Not all users have the ability to delete information. Check with your administrator if you cannot access the delete function and they will be able to grant you that permission or delete the client for you.

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