Easily capture information on group sessions with one or more workers and one or more clients. Session records are included in each attendee’s records list and session attendance can be reported on with Reports.

Creating a group

  1. Navigate to Client records via the Switcher and then Groups in the menu

  2. Click + Add group and select whether the group has regular or unspecified participants

  3. Provide details on the group, add one or more worker and the relevant clients before clicking Continue

Note: You will see a list of participants for groups with regular participants. For groups with unspecified participants, you will only see a list of the workers involved.

Creating a session

  1. Search for or add the group you wish to create a session for

  2. Select Continue to sessions

  3. Click Session, enter the details of the session and mark attendance

  4. If required you can add further clients and workers

  5. Click Save and review or start a session record

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