Welcome to Noted! We’re excited to have you signed up for a free 30 day trial. Below is a step-by-step guide on how Noted can best support you and the work you do.

If you haven’t already, take a look at this quick overview of Noted:

Learn your way around

The Switcher, indicated by an icon of nine dots in the top-left corner of your window, allows you to navigate between different areas of Noted such as Client records, ACC billing, Reporting, Scheduling and Administration at any time when logged in.

To navigate between these different areas click on the Switcher at the top of your menu and select the area you wish to go to.

Add a client or two

You’ll need to add some clients before you can really take advantage of your trial.

Add a client manually by clicking Add client and entering their information. Click Finish when you’re done, then navigate back to your Dashboard by selecting it from the menu on the left.

Congratulations, you’ve created your first client! Use the search bar to find them, or navigate to Clients in the menu to see them in your default All clients list.

Tip: You can search by name, date of birth, address, phone number and more.

The Invite client option sends an email to your client, which allows them to fill in their own information before their first consultation. Get familiar with this tool, by sending an invite email to yourself, following the link and entering basic information. Once submitted you will find this client listed under Invitations Responses.

Congratulations, you’ve now added two new clients to your trial! Learn more about creating clients here.

Create a client record

At the core of Noted is a system for taking comprehensive structured records.

  1. Search for and select a client you’ve added manually. You will be presented with their Overview

  2. Click Continue to records to go to this client’s records screen. Along the top-right of the screen you will see a selection of Action buttons

  3. Click Record and enter a title

  4. Scroll down to Issues and click Add an issue (find more information on Access Control and ACC)

  5. Scroll through the presented list before selecting the most relevant form

  6. Enter the necessary information

  7. Once you’re done, click Save and review

  8. If the record is complete to the best of your knowledge click Sign then Yes

  9. Signing a record removes the ability to edit. You can, if necessary, create an Addendum. Learn more about Addendums here

Nice one, you have now completed a record! Learn more about creating client records here.

Note: If you are interrupted while creating a record, click Save before navigating elsewhere. To access and complete this record, navigate to the Dashboard and click on the client’s name under Unsigned records. This will take you back to the record to Edit and complete it.

Create a follow-up record and reminder

Following on from a previous client record within Noted is easy!

  1. From the Dashboard, use the search bar to find your client

  2. Click Continue to records

  3. Click the Follow-up action button above the record preview

  4. When you follow-up a record, your previous entries are displayed in grey. Buttons will need to be re-selected. To re-enter or edit text, double-click on it

  5. You can review a client’s previous records while creating or editing a record. Before clicking Save and review, click on the record you’re wanting to review from the records list on the left

  6. Click Reminder in the top-left of the screen to create a reminder without navigating away from the record you are creating

  7. Once you have finished entering information to the follow-up, click Save and review

Note: Your previous record is not automatically repopulated in a follow-up, as this would make it too easy to re-enter old information by mistake. Learn more about follow-up records here.

If you are seeing your client for a different reason, start a new record by selecting Record from the options in the top left of the client’s records screen.

Upload an image and annotate it

You can upload images and documents to clients and their records within Noted.

  1. Navigate to a client’s records screen by using the search bar

  2. Click Records under the client’s name to open a dropdown menu and select Documents

  3. Drag and drop an image file from your desktop or click Add file to upload an image

  4. Once loaded, double-click on the image to bring up a preview within Noted

  5. Select Annotate image then add a text note or draw on the image before clicking Save & exit editing

  6. Click the X symbol or press Esc on your keyboard to close the image preview

Return to the Dashboard

Head back to the Dashboard by selecting Dashboard from the menu on the left. The reminder you created earlier is presented under Reminders, if you haven’t completed a record it will appear under Unsigned records, and the client you invited can be found in the Responses or Sent sections of Invitations.

Now you know the basics!

Take your time to play around and get familiar with the various issue forms and other areas of Noted. Our Help & Support site includes many helpful articles with step-by-step instructions on how to use the features that Noted offers.

What next? Take a look at our article on Making the most of your trial to maximise your free trial of Noted. 

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