If you have many users working with multiple tracking forms you may find that many forms are only relevant to a subset of users. To reduce clutter for your workers you can assign tracking forms to teams so these tracking forms are only visible and accessible to the relevant users.

You can learn about setting up Teams here.

Tracking forms can be enabled for all workers in your organisation or assigned to specific Teams.

Assigning tracking forms to Teams

  1. Navigate to Administration via the Switcher and select Client from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select Tracking forms from the sub-menu, you will be provided with a list of all tracking forms assigned to your organisation

  3. Search for and select the Tracking form you wish to assign

  4. Using the dropdown menu, select the team(s) relevant to this form

  5. Enable the tracking form by toggling on the Enabled switch

  6. Click Save tracking forms when finished

Note: Enabled Tracking forms with no specified team will be available for all users by default

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