Here at Noted we take the safety of your data very seriously. One of the biggest risks to sensitive information is how users manage their passwords.

We recommend the following tips to reduce risk and increase the security of your account to keep your password and data safe:

  1. Use a Password vault

Apps like 1Password or LastPass keep your passwords safe and secure on one or many devices. You can manage logins for multiple accounts as well as other confidential and sensitive information.

2. Keep your password unique for Noted

Make sure the password you use to access Noted isn’t being used for any other account or login elsewhere. This is a lot easier to manage if you use a password vault to keep track of all of your various and unique passwords.

3. Don’t save your login details to your browser

Google chrome and other browsers will offer you the option to save your password and login details to your login page. We don’t recommend using this as anybody using your device can access Noted without verifying their identity.

4. Don’t share your Noted password with anyone else or write it down

Never share your login details or password with anyone else. The same applies when it comes to writing down your password to help you remember them. You may find a password vault a useful solution if you struggle to recall passwords.

As an administrator

If you are an administrator on your account you will be able to reset the password for any user within your organisation. This is useful in the instance that someone finds themselves locked out of their account after having forgotten a password etc.

To reset your own or another user's password

  1. Use the switcher to navigate to administration

  2. Click into the name of the user who requires a password change

  3. Select Change password from the menu on the left

  4. Update the user with a strong new password

    Note: they will be prompted to update their password when they next login with the password you have entered.

If using the Lost your password tool from the Noted login page, using emails in that section won’t work. Users will need to enter in their username and an email will be sent to their inbox with a password reset link.

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