You can navigate to Reporting via the Switcher. You will have different options displayed depending on your subscription plan and your user role.


Insights provides a visual breakdown of your clients in Noted. This is available for all Essentials, Essentials+, Premium, Schools, and Care provider customers.


Reports allows you to query your data in Noted and pull reports based on specific filters and outputs. Reports in Noted are generated as .csv files which can then be opened in external software and used to generate graphs. Report queries are saved to allow them to be re-run quickly and easily at any time. You can elect to keep the reports you run private or share them with your wider organisation.

Learn more about Reports here.

Note: Reports is available as part of the Premium, Schools, and Care provider subscription plans.

Custom reports

Custom reports are a legacy form of reporting which is being phased-out by extending the functionality of Noted’s Reports feature.

If you have Custom reports available for your organisation and would like support, please get in touch with us directly.

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