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Meet with your clients remotely via Noted’s in-app video conferencing feature

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Noted’s Telehealth feature allows you to meet with clients remotely, over a video call. With Telehealth, you can see and hear each other as well as send instant messages directly to your client, without having to leave Noted.

Your organisation requires Noted’s Scheduling feature to be set up before you can create or attend a Telehealth appointment. This collection of articles outlines how to set up and use Scheduling.

Enabling Telehealth for your organisation

Noted’s Telehealth feature can be applied as an add-on to your existing feature package. To add this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration via the Switcher and select Subscription from the menu

  2. Click Plan from the sub-menu to view your current plan and add-ons

  3. Select Manage add-ons and tick the Telehealth checkbox. An estimate of your monthly charges with the selected plan and add-ons will then be displayed

  4. Confirm your decision to enable Telehealth

Note: Plans and bills are prorated. When you change your plan, changes to your billing will be made immediately.

Adding Telehealth to an existing service

When the Telehealth feature is added to a service, a video link is generated automatically when this service is booked for a client. You can elect to remove this link by manually toggling the telehealth option off when you are creating the appointment.

It is worth reviewing your organisation’s services are set up accurately. Learn more about setting up and editing the services your organisation provides, here.

You can change a service’s settings to reflect whether or not that service tends to be provided remotely. To do this:

  1. Use the switcher to navigate to Administration, select Organisation then services from the side menu.

  2. Click on the three dots on the far right of the service you wish to update and select Edit

  3. Check existing details are correct

  4. Toggle on the Telehealth ‘Enabled by default’ switch to automatically generate a video call link, each time this service is booked within Noted

  5. Click Save to confirm

Creating a Telehealth appointment

Telehealth appointments are created in Noted’s Scheduling tool. Read this article to learn more about creating and managing appointments.

Notifying a client about their Telehealth appointment

Providing a client has a valid email address, Telehealth appointment links are sent out automatically. At a minimum, clients will receive an email notification when an appointment is created, rescheduled, and one hour before the appointment.

Attending a Telehealth appointment

There are two ways to start a Telehealth video call: Either from Today’s appointments on your Dashboard, or from the Booking screen in Scheduling. Your client will join using the link generated in the notification emails.

You cannot start a video call until 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. If you start the call before this, the page will automatically refresh at the appointed time and you will be able to join the call. Your client will also not be able to join until this time.

From Today’s appointments

Today’s appointments, found on your Dashboard, displays the start time, service and client name for each of your appointments that day.

Telehealth appointments are indicated by a phone icon. Navigate to the correct appointment and click on the button with the three dots on the far right to produce a dropdown menu with two options:

  1. Start call - this opens a new tab for the video consultation

  2. Copy link - this copies the video consultation link to your clipboard so you can easily paste it into your address bar

From the Booking screen

Telehealth appointments are indicated by the presence of a phone icon on the Booking screen.

Select the correct appointment from the Booking screen and click View appointment. From the right sidebar, you will see a Telehealth menu selection similar to that on your Dashboard. Clicking Start call will open up a new tab for the video consultation. The dropdown arrow next to this button gives you options to:

  1. Copy link - copies the video consultation link to your clipboard so you can easily paste it into your address bar

  2. Send link via email - resends the Telehealth link to your client via email

Setting up a split screen

When you begin a telehealth call, a new tab will open up for the video consultation. You may find it useful to have both the video call and your Noted record screen open and visible during the appointment. To do this in Google Chrome:

  1. While viewing the video call tab navigate to ”Tab” in the Google Chrome toolbar and select “Move tab to new window” from the list of options.
    Note: Alternatively just drag this tab out of the existing window to create a new window.

  2. In this new window, click “Window” in the Google Chrome toolbar and select either “Tile Window to the left of screen” or “Tile Window to the right of screen”.

  3. If you just have the two windows open this should now be set up properly

  4. If you have multiple windows open simply select the window with your Noted record screen from the options.

Disabling Telehealth

If you no longer require your Noted’s Telehealth feature, you can remove this add-on from your plan under Administration.

  1. Use the switcher to navigate to Administration before selecting Subscription from the

  2. Select Plan from the sub-menu then click the Manage add-ons button.

  3. Untick the Telehealth checkbox and click Confirm changes

Note: Our billing platform prorates charges Updating your add-ons will result in immediate changes to your billing.

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