Noted allows you to configure organisational and client settings to better reflect the work you do.

Client tags

Client tags can be created, edited and grouped as accessible to specific teams of users.

To learn more about getting the most out of Noted’s client tags, click here.

Client status changes

There may be reasons for clients entering and exiting your service that are highly specific to what your organisation provides. You can customise the reasons cited for client status changes, within your client information settings. Head here, for more on setting up status changes.

Client overview

Noted allows you to closely configure which tracking forms and general client information appears on your client overview screen. Find out about setting your overview screen up here.

Scheduling Notifications

Determine which emails automatically go out to your clients, informing them of their upcoming appointments. Learn more about scheduling notifications here.

Getting Started

To get started with configuring your client information settings navigate to Administration via the Switcher and select Client from the menu.

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